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With Welfunding and the global SUPERMATRIX team, the best values for financial success are combined:
Bitcoins - donations directly peer-to-peer - strong community - no time pressure - worldwide membership - rapidly growing market - highest acceptance among the people.

We have decided to put our money and our faith into a mathematical system free from politics and human error.

If you want to break out of your treadmill, then you are right here in the SUPERMATRIX of WELFUNDING!

To share and donate is "in". Every day, we can hear, see and read great stories about successful Crowdfunding projects in all media. A new phenomenon has long captured the zeitgeist, the spirit of our times.
In Welfunding, the greatest benefits of donation are combined in a breakthrough program. Made for everyone who wants to significantly improve his current situation.

We are Partners We are Partners
Belong to the worldwide SUPERMATRIX team

Welfunding went online in late November 2016. It is a very young opportunity to get financial freedom in a short time!
While this breathtaking Crowdfunding platform is now gradually inspiring people around the world, the partners of SUPERMATRIX are formed to allow as many people as possible their own financial freedom. YOU DECIDE!

Overview of the 4er matrix up to level 7 of Welfunding at a glance!

With the aid of this clear and simple presentation of the entire donation flow, you will immediately gain an insight into your future prosperity.

Read the "Questions" below, which is the fastest strategy for your success.

The Welfunding principle

Welfunding is a fundraising platform based on a lucrative 4-way matrix.
Already with few partners is everyone immediately in the credit.

The generated donations are distributed to the 7th level.

The donations go 100% peer-to-peer directly to the Bitcoin wallet the donation recipient. This provides a high level of security for the Welfunding members and contributes to long-term success.

The world-novelty, which strikes all acquaintances:

Not only do all the donations go directly to your wallet, but the system also fully automates all important upgrades!
Never again will a member be able to prevent a donation! On the contrary, every new member triggers a donation cascade, which is no longer to be interrupted!

If you are already registered on similar platforms, you will be familiar with the vexing theme of the already duller dripping donations.
If you want to finally generate an unstable stream of Bitcoins, Welfunding is exactly for you!


Whether you can start immediately with 4 partners, or first only 1 active people for this fascinating Bitcoin donation platform can inspire: In any case, you are already starting from the 4th partner in the plus! There is neither a "strong" nor a "weak" leg, which prevents you from donating. Everyone is equal and you will love it when the blockchain announces another money entry with a tender "pling".

Nothing motivates more than success!

Partner`s voices:

Ulrich Schminke

"The automatism at WelFunding guarantees me the success and the bitcoins, so Welfunding is one of the most innovative platforms on the market."

Ulrich Schminke
Anet Janik

"As an experienced InternetMarketer, I am thrilled by this crowdfunding platform, the simple approach without the usual restrictions: payout directly, lifetime. Super :-)"

Anet Janik, Founder "Supermatrix"
David Wallnoefer

"Welfunding is for me the most brilliant Crowdfunding: 1. Everything in BitCoins, 2. From participant to participant and 3. The automated upgrades, that's never been! Combined with the BitCashParty, i. You're still the best team! "

David Wallnoefer, Entrepreneur

What else could you ask:

What is Welfunding? +

Welfunding is a donation platform where members volunteer to donate and receive donations. Welfunding partners donate directly from partner to partner (peer-to-peer).
The donations you receive in the form of Bitcoin can be used for any desired project. Because Welfunding offers as a crowdfunding a new kind of means procurement for different purposes. Whether for personal needs or for a variety of beneficial purposes, you can do a lot of good with your donations.

How to become a partner? +

Ask the person who invited you to their personal link. Use this link to register.

After your registration, you have exactly two steps to do:

1. Enter your own Wallet address in your backoffice on the home page, to which you would like to receive the donations you are entitled to.
2. Make your input donation to the partner shown.

If you need help, ask your host or get it here at the of the SUPERMATRIX

How much is my entry-level donation? +

Once 0.07 BTC
If you want to for sure how many USD these are, just klick here

What currencies are accepted? +

Welfunding currently use only bitcoins.

Is Welfunding available worldwide? +

Yes, Welfunding is available for everyone who has an Internet connection and a Bitcoin Wallet and is willing to give and take donations.

Is not that like a pyramid system? +

Well, a pyramid system means that only the top members of the hierarchy will receive donations, whereas in Welfunding each member can receive the same amount for the same work. You can even receive more donations than the persons registered before you.

It is not so important when you start and how far "up" you are placed, but how fast and active you are working with your partners.

Which strategy promises the most success? +

Depending on how many active partners you want to inspire for Welfunding, it is recommended to place the first two places ("A" and "B") to your strongest partners!

Already with 10 partners you are in Level 3! Place the first 2 partners "A" and "B". The next 2 partners are spill-over to "A" and "B".
Thus, your partners immediately get spill-over themselves and are motivated. And if they follow exactly the same pattern, you quickly reach upper levels.

Then place your seats "C" and "D" with your other partners or yourself.



May I have more than 1 Account? +

Yes, you can. It is most sensible to register yourself at the 3rd or 4th position. These donations are returned directly to your wallet. So you get 2 accounts for the price of 1.

Please consider: For each passive partner, you need at least 2 active persons to start and increase your desired donation flow!

Any positions occupied by passive partners will weaken you and slow down your growth! Place your best places carefully. Only those who have motivated and inspired many Bitcoins, by helping the other people into this grandiose platform, can be a good TeamPartner!

What do I need to consider when registering new partners? +

There are 2 influencing factors, if you want to enter your partners themselves under your link:

1) You must be logged out of your own account if you register via your own PC!
Otherwise it will happen that the registration is possible, but your partner account is NOT placed under you!

2) The system places new partners under the respective link always from left to right! If you still have all 4 slots available, your 1st partner will automatically be placed to the left of positions "A". The 2nd partner at position "B", the 3rd partner at position "C" and the 4th partner at position "D".

You can not influence the placement in this first level.

What is the advantage of the SUPERMATRIX? +

As an international team, the SUPERMATRIX not only offers all partners an excellent live support, but also free advertising, which usually costs a lot of money.

The SUPERMATRIX also works with 1 link! This means that if a partner registers because of the extensive international advertising measures of the SUPERMATRIX, the system places him in the next vacant place in the team. This is why we ensure the important spill-over for our partners within the SUPERMATRIX team. This should make it possible for even more vulnerable partners to be helped with new donor partners.
Caution: There is no guarantee or legal claim for spill-over!
Welfunding is a network program, which is based exclusively on the activity of ALL members. Whoever does nothing, does not come any further. Or only with luck!

Please do not expect others to do the work for you. Help at least 2 more active people and you will see how fast you will have fun with your donations.

Is there any direct support for setting up all the necessary accounts? +

There are several ways to open up your Bitcoin wallet (your Bitcoin account), as well as exchange your currency into Bitcoins.
The video tutorial provided above will help you to set up your Bitcoin wallet as well as exchange your first bitcoins in just a few steps.

Our support team can also help you: >>> To the live support of the SUPERMATRIX <<<

You can also contact us via Skype